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North American Immigration Law and Tax Services

Our partners are experts in both Canadian and American Immigration Law.  They deal with the simplest case to the most complex in the quickest and most efficient manner.

We also have experts in cross-border tax services ready to help you make sense of the intricacies of your inter North-American finances.

Corporate Vacations

Partnered with world renowned airlines and hotel chains that are experts in corporate vacations.  Our vacation package is educational, providing our clients with personal and spiritual growth and enlightenment.  Travel with us and we guarantee a fun, joyful, transformational, and unforgettable experience.

Corporate Inflight Service

Flight Attendants Certified by Industry Leaders, available for your Corporate flights!

Experts in Landlord Tenant Laws

Considering becoming a landlord?  Rosemary Baptista is a former Rent Review Officer for the Ontario Ministry of Housing, known today as the Ontario Rent Control Program governed under the Ministry of Attorney General.  Rosemary has experience as both a landlord and tenant.  She founded and taught the Program at Mohawk College, entitled the “Successful Landlord” following the model, and receiving support from TV Ontario who broadcasted a television series by the same name.

ESL Online classes for entrepreneurs

These classes are custom designed for individual or corporate groups by native English certified teachers.  Please complete are consultation form for a free assessment.

French, Portuguese and Spanish Online Classes

By native speakers and teachers.  Classes customized to meet your needs.

Government System Navigators and Advocates

Let us help you navigate the maze of red tape that frustrates so many people when dealing with government systems.  We can help with the ins and outs of many agencies including: executive departments and deputy ministers, boards and agencies, crown corporations, the Privy Council and Prime Ministers Office and all levels of government debt repayment plans including Revenue Canada and Student Loan plans.  We can add our voices to yours and get more done together.

At this time we can accept payment via:  E-transfer, PayPal, Credit Card, Certified Money Order or Certified Cheques.

International Services

International Business Development

Our team of experts can help you implement a variety of applications and solutions to improve your business worldwide.  Some areas where we have already made a difference include: Healthcare, Homeland Security, Transportation, Sports venues and Aviation

Interpreting and Translating services

Have a need for an escort/travel interpreter, scheduled over the phone interpreting or interpretation during a video conference?  We provide interpreting and translating services in all spoken languages in the world, 24/7.  We also offer speech to speech relay service and Universal Sign Language.  Our interpreters are professional, experienced, government accredited and have expert knowledge of the subject matter.  They have also received training as cultural interpreters.  We offer simultaneous, consecutive and whisper interpretation as well.

International Real Estate

Our partners are international real estate sales and development experts and investors.  We also specialize in international property transfers and inheritance.

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